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Executive Search

Is ... the systematic search for potential candidates. We are looking for the candidates who fit into the specific business environment. Our focus is on the top and middle management level, as well as technical expert/specialist.


The procedure is divided into six successive sections:

  • Defining Requirement profile
  • Starting Executive Search
  • Conducting Pre- Interview
  • Presenting Potential Candidates
  • Conducting Interview
  • Placement and follow-up



The requirement profile

We talk with you about your conception to define the ideal profile. If you wish, we can assist in the preparation of the customized profile.



The targeted search process

First, based on the keywords defined to look for a large mass of potential candidates and create a ''long list'' . Next, we filter out the potential candidates by evaluation and prepare the interviews.

These measures can be supported by print media and Internet advertisements.



The direct approach

Your definition of the ideal profile is only suitable for a direct approach. Our consultant will evaluate candidates' profile and past experience. During search process and  pre-interveiw session, we are also be responsible to introduce your company to them.

These measures may be accompanied by print media and Internet advertisements.

During pre-interview, our consultant will based on the defined profile to analyze experience of the candidates with respect to their competence, motivation and personality.

Moreover, contacts, manners, hobbies and career aspirations are recorded for reference.



The presentation

After pre-interviewing, a "Short List" is created , which leads into a summary and is presented to the company as a short list of candidates.
Within the given timeframe, our consultants will explain details in short list with clients by person in order to help you making selection for upcoming interviews.



The Introduction

Once clients are ready for interview session, we will arrange a conversation for clients and candidates

Before the conversation,roles between clients and our consultant are allocated . In most cases, the consultant puts his/ger attention to the  behavior pattern of the candidates and discusses his/her observation with the clients after the conversation.



The Employment

After conducting interviews, our consultant will assist clients to make decision with a set of defined criteria. We respect your opinion, and final decision will be made by you.

After the placement,our consultant will still in contact with you and your employee and support both parties in communication


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